Thursday, January 17, 2008

Some pictures from Hawaii

So, I thought I would post some of the pictures we've taken since we've been here. Though the transition from Tennessee to Hawaii has been crazy, we have managed to see some really great things in Hawaii so far.

To start out, here is the view from the first hotel we stayed at (yes, there was more than one, but not by choice...):
We were in awe. I couldn't believe we were here. Seems like 100 years ago since we found out so long ago that we were going to Hawaii, so actually being here on the island is a big deal to us. (And, moving during the holidays stinks. I don't care what anyone says, we've moved at Christmastime twice and it is so much harder to move than in the summer.)
As of yesterday (the 16th), we are finally in our house:

No furniture yet, but we have a great friend here on the island who loaned us some of the basics. And, there's a park directly across the street, which the girls already love. Our van arrives soon, and then our furniture and other stuff should be here at the beginning of February (God willing).

This past weekend we visited Pearl Harbor and Ford Island. I'm sure many of you know the basics of the Pearl Harbor raid. I personally only knew the date and the most basic details. But, I have learned a lot more. The USS Utah sits in the water at Ford Island, turned on its side since 1941. Approximately 60 men lost their lives on that ship, one of the lesser known tragedies of that day. And certainly least visited. It is on a guarded part of Ford Island, and you can only get to it with permission. It is beautiful and somber and sad. In the picture below, you can see the side of the USS Utah sitting above the water.

One of the better known memorials is the USS Arizona, where 1,177 men lost their lives, and over 900 of them are still entombed in the remains of the ship. You can catch a boat out to the memorial and see the ship sitting directly underneath. It is a constant reminder of the sacrific those innocent souls made that day - a sacrifice that forever changed US History.

It is also a site and a moment in time that I hope my children will remember. Though they seemed mildly interested in parts of the day, I know that some of the images were important enough to impact them, because all 3 still talk about it, even Abby. She doesn't understand the meaning of the memorials, but she knows they are important.

And underneath the memorial lay the remains of the ship:

Remember Pearl Harbor and those who gave their lives that day.

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