Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Abby's first homework assignment!

OK, I am a proud parent. Abby is such a great kindergarten student. Alissa and Alex weren't this excited. And, she is writing words much sooner in the year than Alissa and Alex did. So, the schools in Hawaii are not supposed to be as great as other parts of the USA. But, Abby's class is off to a great start. Just look at her work ethic! And, she can already spell Abigail! (We taught her how to write "Abby" about a year or so ago.) When I met her teacher at orientation, she told me that she wanted all the students to know how to write their formal first names, since that's what is on their school records. I didn't give Abby enough credit - already she can write it, with all the letters in the correct order, without any help!

Look at my baby's great work:

I don't know if anyone is more excited about kindergarten than Abby is...

Her first homework assignment.
It's a picture from a story we read,
"Elmer Again", about an elephant
who is many colors and lives near the water.

Don't let anyone tell you that you can't get sick in Hawaii...

This is like any other place. I guess I assumed living somewhere where the weather was always warm and sunny that there was no way I would ever have a cough or a temperature, let alone bronchitis!

Yes, I have bronchitis. I barely got rid of the ear infections and sinus trouble (I just stopped that medicine a week ago) and now I'm taking new stuff! I don't get sick very often - I think that God has mercy on me because Jon is gone so much. He knows that there is a lot that I can manage while being a "single parent", but not my own illness. This time, Jon is out of town, but at least I am only dealing with a cough. Thank Goodness! Well, and my ears are a little angry again, but not as bad as a couple of weeks ago. When I went to the doctor last night, he said that since school has started back up that there have been a lot of folks in the office with coughs and sinus troubles and temperatures. I know that happens, but I never imagined it happened in Hawaii. I mean, I'm not stupid. I know that living here does not make one immune to illness. I guess logic just went out the window with me on this one.

At least it's me and not the kids who are sick. There is nothing that makes me feel more helpless than when one (or more) of the kids are not feeling well. It is one of my many weaknesses as a parent - I can't stand to see them ill in any way. When Alissa had all of her feet trouble all those years ago, I honestly don't know how I got through that. I guess it was sheer adrenaline - that and having family so close by.

So, besides that things are all normal. We went to Ko Olina again this past Saturday, before Jon left for his latest trip. Our great new neighbor, Nicole, went along, with her 2-year old son, Levi. (What a cutie!) They are such great people. (Her husband was away on business...) We had a great time. Nicole is braver than I am, she and Jon went snorkeling out near the rocks and they both commented on the many species of sea creatures that they saw. Me personally, I have nothing against sea life. However, when I am in the water, I prefer to remain naive and not know what's out there swimming around with me. Plus, I don't think I am a great swimmer, and I get nervous when the water gets deep. So, Jon had a snorkeling buddy for the day. A great time was had by all.

Abby and Levi

Alex and Levi

Jon, Abby, Levi and me

Nicole and Jon snorkeling

Monday, August 18, 2008

A brand new week...

Feeling better than last week!! My ear is healed, my sad mood is gone, and it's back to business.

Had a really busy weekend. Friday was Hawaii Admissions Day, celebrating the day that Hawaii became a state. (Hawaii, being the strange state that it is, has a lot of state holidays that they celebrate.) The kids and Jon were off from school and work, so I took the day off too. It wasn't a major day, but Jon and I ran some errands together and had a nice lunch with just the 2 of us. (We invited the kids to come along, but they like errands about as much as they like doing chores.)

Saturday was more running around the island - Abby's last dance class for summer. (She starts again in Pre-Ballet I in a couple of weeks...) Alex's monthly DEFY day - they went to Sea Life Park, which is sort of like Sea World but smaller and more touristy. Alex enjoyed it, though (and it was free because the Dept. of Defense pays for all of the DEFY activities.) Then we went to Costco and ran other errands. Not the most fun, but it has to be done, right?

Yesterday we went to Ko Olina. What a beautiful place. As I've mentioned before, Ko Olina is a Marriott resort community. They've carved out 4 "lagoons" and made them very family-friendly - soft sand, no rough rocks to step on in the water, no waves to speak of, and lots of places for families to sit on the beach and enjoy the day. In Hawaii all beachfront is required to be open to the public. So, you don't have to be staying there to visit the lagoons. The last time the kids and I went to Ko Olina, it was February and unusually rainy. Yesterday was sunny and beautiful. We got up early (if you aren't there by 9:30, you don't get a parking space), packed our beach bag, and off we went. Bellows is still my favorite, but Ko Olina is closer, and we knew we were only going to stay for 3 hours or so (Alissa had homework to do and I had some stuff I needed to do at home).

It was such a beautiful day, very sunny, and no one got sunburned! Alissa didn't go in the water yesterday, so she took pictures. Some of them turned out really great. Here's a few:

Ko Olina view #1:

Lagoon #4, where we swam:

View from the sidewalk:

Me, Alex and Abby:

A Japanese lady getting wedding photos taken:
Abby is making me "hide" her rocks in the sand under the
water so Alex won't see them and take them from her:

The waterfall at the entrance:

Monday, August 11, 2008

Feeling Better (Even though it's Monday...)

First of all, thanks to everyone who emailed me or called since my last post. Yeah, I was sort of feeling sorry for myself, but my loneliness was genuine. If all of you only knew how much I appreciate you getting in touch with me. It is so nice to know that there are people out there on the other side of blog-land that really exist and are there if I need you.

The comments from all of you were so kind. It reminds me that things are always brighter if you just give it a little more time. It meant so much to hear from all of you. I hate showing moments of weakness like that. I am supposed to be this larger-than-life military wife who can do it all and without help, right? For the last 14 years, I have always been conditioned to believe that. But sometimes it wears on you and you just want to be a normal person. That's what happened to me last week. I'd been having a tough week - being alone at home while all the kids went to school, work has been hectic, Jon informs me of another trip he has to go on, etc., etc. I just really, really needed someone to talk to. Then, my immune system got the best of me at the end of a tough week.

For those of you that called over the weekend who I didn't get to talk to, I am sorry about that. I got a really bad ear infection on Friday that seemed like it was killing me from the inside of my ear out! I spent most of the weekend sleeping and letting the antibiotics work.

So, Monday (today) is the start of a brand new week. I'm feeling better physically, and mentally my mind is back in the game. Let's make it a good one!

Thanks for your support, friendship, love, whatever wonderful thing it is that you bring to my life. Each of you mean a lot to me.

Love to you all -

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Feeling a little depressed today...

Yeah, I said it. Depressed. Well, maybe just a little lonely. I can't be sure. It seems like all of my friends from the past (my recent past and my "past" past) have moved on without me. I have tried to contact some of them, but no one ever writes back. I don't get it. I read a passage once, I don't know where it came from. It said, "People are in your life for as long as God wants them in your life." I know that God has a plan - I have always believed that. I don't understand why God thinks that I am better off doing things alone - no best girlfriend to call on the phone, no buddies to have a book club with. I am sure that there is a reason - I have never doubted that there is a Divine Plan for me, and it is not my place to question it. But, sometimes I wonder. Why? Why did those people, who once meant so much to me (and some still hold very dear places in my heart) leave my life? Just because I move from place to place, why do I have to start over EVERY TIME and find new people to share with? It's so hard for me to trust someone enough to even make a friend. I have been hurt way too many times in my life. So, how do I get to a point where I can find someone, let them in, and keep them (even after the next move)? I think that this military life has made me stronger than I ever thought I could be - more tolerant, more patient, more independent. But everyone needs at least one person that they can always go to. I know people are busy with their lives. I am too, I get it - I have a job, 3 school-age kids, a husband who always has to go somewhere. But, it only takes 30 seconds to send an email that says "Got your note, I can't talk long but thanks! You are my friend too." If you only knew how much that would mean to me!! I want so much to give my friendship to someone who can give me a friendship in return. I am tired of being lonely.

And, just like Germany was, Hawaii is a nice enough place but sometimes it is just too darn far from home. (For those of you who have lived here, please don't say I told you so.) I like it here, but sometimes you just need to see your Mom so she can make it better. (Even when you're 37!) When you live an ocean away, you can't do that. And with the time difference, every time I want to call one of those friends (because it's harder to avoid me if I call than it is if I email you), it is the middle of the night on the mainland.

So, if anyone out there reading this could just write me a little note or comment, so I know that there is someone thinking of me and that it will be OK. I just need that right now. I know we're all busy. But we all need friends. A friend once told me, "If you want a friend, you have to be a friend." I want to be a friend. Will anyone answer that call?