Tuesday, June 2, 2009

They've moved on...

So, you remember that I posted a while back that some dear friends of ours received orders to move off-island? Some of you guessed who it was, and you were right.

Well, this past Saturday Jay and Lucie moved back to Canada. (For Jay: CA-NA-...)

It wasn't as hard that day as I expected. I expected a lot of waterworks. I think that I held in my emotions, for fear of a complete mental breakdown. I didn't cry that day.

But, since then, as I drive by their empty house several times a day, and see the open shades and darkness (because I know the house is empty, and they're not coming back), I am flooded with emotion. I miss them. I miss knowing they are down the street, ready for a barbecue, a laugh, a movie, an '80s Night.

No more knocks on the door, no more calls from My Imperial Leader down the street. Instead, the calls will be coming from across the ocean.

Moving sucks. It's hard, stressful, complicated, unknown, and very discombobulated.

But it sucks more when you are the one(s) left behind.

I know that Jay and Lucie will always be in our lives, and in our hearts. I have no doubt that we will see them in person again.

But not for a long time.

Jay and Lucie, in case there's any doubt: The Heffners love you very much. We miss you already. You will ALWAYS have a place in my heart. Saturday was not goodbye. It was "Until next time..."

Your Paiaha Ohana misses you.


Krysti said...

God's Blessings and God Speed to you and your family, Jay and Lucie!

Your strength and support, friendship and enthusiasm are widely known and appreciated!

Hang in their Heffner's the Chaos of Cousins is coming! 15 days and counting! :)

Love, Jackie

Carrol said...

We hope and pray all goes well for them in their move. They were great neighbors, and we enjoyed the time we spent with them last summer during our visit.

Jay and Lucie - thanks for being a part of the Heffners lives. We wish you the best.

Carrol and Jim

RangersGirl said...

Tiffany, I think you guys are so lucky all the wonderful people you have met on your journeys. So many of the military spouses I know have pals all over the world that they go visit now that they are all retired. While the moving and stuff sucks I think your lives are so rich.

Mommy Fabulous said...

I said goodbye to some pretty cool friends recently. She was my neighbor across the street from me. They were Navy and got orders to the other side of America. It was hard at first to see their house with the new tenants moving in right away.

I've always said for that reason, I've tried not to really make friends when we go somewhere. It's too hard to say goodbye when those orders come through.

Hope you get to see your friends again soon.