Monday, September 13, 2010

Unemployment sucks

Just random thoughts as I sit here in the house, all alone, while the kids and Jon are out being productive.

I hate being unemployed. I hate it.

Some women want to stay at home all day. That isn't me.

DISCLAIMER: I'm not trying to start the SAHM vs. working-mom debate. I'm just saying that, for me, working is what makes me happy.

The house is nearly unpacked and just about everything is in its intended home. Jon is getting familiar with work and the girls have successfully completed a full week of school.

Things are back to "normal" at Casa Heffner. So now it's time for Mom to go to work.

The only problem is, so far there is no job waiting for me. I mean, I have contacted contracting agencies, and they are looking. But the right job has not come along yet.

It's frustrating.

When I found out 18 months ago that my job was short-lived, I started praying. I prayed that I could stay employed until we moved. (That happened, thank goodness.) Then I started to pray that a new job would find me, one that was the right fit and had some flexibility (so that I could be there for the kids when they need me.) I'm still praying, every day. But so far no job.

And it's tough. I mean, I haven't had to interview in over 9 years. The climate has changed. And, I have experience in lots of different areas of IT - not just one area. That used to be a good thing, but now I worry that it's working against me.

And I'm not sure what to do next. I just posted my resume online (again). I am attending a job fair on the 22nd. And I call/email the contractor every day, just to check in.

I know I'm not the only one facing this. I pray for everyone in my position to find a good new job.

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Krysti said...

I understand the desire to be among productive and working people for your person! Hang in there! You are very intelligent, very hard-working, loyal to the firm that you work for, and you go the extra mile to help other people. It will happen!

Love, J