Tuesday, March 4, 2008

"Joey" and the ad!

We've made a new friend - "Joey". Well, if you ask Abby, his name is Polly (as in Polly Pocket). He's our pet Gecko. No, he doesn't live in the house. He frequents above the front door on the outside. He's about 4 inches long, and fat! We like him (Jon wants to adopt him, but the rest of us just think he's cool to look at.)

Geckos are not only normal here, but plentiful. And, they are attracted to light and heat, so there are always a few hanging around. Joey mostly comes around at night, and he just sits there. Geckos are weird creatures. They will sit and not move, and then all of a sudden go scurrying away! (And boy are they fast!) We have several other "regulars" that like to hang around the front door, but we can count on Joey to be out there almost every night.

The great thing about geckos (besides being cool in a very creepy way), is that they eat the bugs that are troublesome around here. I don't know if they eat the centipedes (which is another story for another time), but they eat the spiders and the beetle-like bugs, which are also very creepy. Geckos are also said to bring good luck, so we think it's cool that Joey hangs out here. It's like he's bringing good karma to us - or at least I hope he is.

Another thing (totally unrelated) that I wanted to share - "the ad". We get the Sunday paper here, and it is worth noting that in Honolulu there are a lot of high-end stores. I found this ad in the Sunday paper a couple of weeks ago and just thought it was really cool. Maybe you'll pick up on it, too:

We're doing great here, everyone is fine. Hope you all are having a great March!!



Linda said...

I got it, I got it !!!!!!

Major Jon brought a Tiffany Diamond into our family and they gave us 3 little gems !!!!!

carrol said...

Ditto to the first comment. Can't wait to see Joey/Polly. Not so sure about the other bugs mentioned.

Love, Carrol