Tuesday, February 26, 2008

A trip to the beach...

It's been a couple of weeks since my last post. Work has been crazy for Jon and me both these past 2 weeks, and we've gotten behind on the unpacking. I will attach a picture in a couple of days so you can see, it is better but not completely done.

So, Jon is away for a couple of weeks (Army business), and I decided on Sunday that we'd worked hard enough all week at home and for IBM, and doggone it we were going to go to the beach. Mind you, the weather here on Sunday was less than desireable. We have hardly gotten anything except beautiful skies and sunshine in Kapolei since we've been here, but Sunday was on-again, off-again misty rain. I didn't care. I needed a mental-health check, and I wanted to spend it at the beach.

The girls at the entrance to Lagoon 2 at Ko Olina.

The great thing about O'ahu is that you can drive a mile or 2 down the road and find totally different weather, so that's what we did. We live about 5 miles from Ko Olina Resort by Marriott. (http://www.koolina.com/) It is a beautiful, expensive, fancy resort (and timeshare) on the ocean. However, the beach in their area doesn't have sand or beachfront, it is almost all coral and rocks. So, Ko Olina has built 4 man-made lagoons so that you can enjoy the ocean while staying at their resort. And, since all beaches are public in Hawaii, anyone can go to the lagoons and swim even if you aren't staying there.

So, we went. And, it wasn't raining there. (It did eventually, but we got a good hour of fun in before it started.) That hour was all I needed to recharge after a really rough week. You can see in the pictures that the rain was coming, but I didn't care.

We plan to visit the beach again this weekend, and hopefully enjoy better weather. In the meantime, enjoy the beautiful pictures!

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