Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Abby's "Creative Dance" and Alissa's first date!

It's official. Alissa has gone to her first girl/boy dance, with a boy. (Her boyfriend, Alan.) He's a nice boy, and they get along like peas and carrots. He lives one street over, so they are hanging out all the time. This past Friday, she went to the 8th grade banquet (read: dinner and dance) with Alan - his friend Jacob rode along and met his own date there. Here is a picture of my beautiful oldest child - enjoy!
Jacob, Alissa and Alan (l to r)

Abby has just started "creative dance" class. It's the precursor to ballet. Abby has wanted to take dance since around her 4th birthday, but I knew we were moving so I purposely didn't put her in class in Tennessee.

Here, she mentioned in the car once that we should "...check out balletschool.com" (Abby's words) and see if there is a ballet class here for her to take. So, I did - well, I didn't go to balletschool.com, but I found a great class for her. The beginner class is for 4 to 5 year olds, and I was apprehensive about how she would really like it. (Let's face it, all little girls want to be a ballerina or a princess at some point, but how many really know what being a ballerina means?) I guess I assumed that she wouldn't like the structure of a class.

Boy, was I wrong! See the pics:

And, I didn't forget about Alex. She starts a great DoD camp after the 4th of July called D.E.F.Y. It's a 2-week day camp aimed at helping youngsters resist drug and alcohol and gang influences. They also promote physical activity, so the kids will be busy! I will post pictures and info about Alex once her camp starts.

So, we're all doing well and staying busy! Those of you that I don't talk to on a regular basis, EMAIL ME! We miss you all.

One last picture, this is for Grandma Carrol. Abby's new nightgown (for her birthday) fits great. Just wanted you to see how much she enjoys it, since we weren't sure it was big enough:


Cathy said...

It's great seeing pictures of your girls. You have adjusted to life in Hawaii really well.

We had a great time in Aruba. Your mom really hates to leave, she really loves it there. She took us around the island like a pro. Julie and Melissa want to go back with her again sometime.

I'll check your blog again and maybe post another comment.

Love, Aunt Cathy

Cindy said...

awwww they all loook so big. Kinsley said Abby looks cute in her dress!