Wednesday, June 4, 2008

So many new adventures!!

I have been so, so bad about posting to the blog. I meant to post a new entry on May 14, when I met my first celebrity, Daniel Dae Kim. (He's Jin from LOST, my absolute favorite TV show on the planet.)

Alissa and I met him at the Honolulu airport while we were picking up Jon's mom and stepdad - they flew in that same day for a visit.

Daniel was so nice. He allowed us each to take a photo with him. (I found out later that he was arriving in Honolulu that night because he had a court date the next day.) So, I am sure that the last thing he wanted to do was meet a normal joe and get his picture taken. I tried to be as polite and quick as possible - I've read that celebrities can get mad if you approach them when they're with their families ( I think he was with his family). But, he was very kind to us and here's our picture for your viewing pleasure!!!

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