Sunday, July 13, 2008

Abby is officially a kindergartener!

So, Abby started kindergarten Friday...Well, it was kindergarten testing, but she went to school and met the other new kindergarteners. She wore her Kapolei uniform (and if you remember seeing Alex's in my January post, you know it's mainly just t-shirts.) But, they got a new color this year - purple - and the kids are really excited about it so Abby wore her purple shirt to school.

Since kindergarten is a full-day program here, the kids stayed until noon for testing so they could experience eating lunch at school. (Abby took her lunch, which she excitedly helped me pack the night before.)

When I took her to school, each child went into the classroom individually. The teacher asked the child for their name, crossed it off on the list she had, and said "OK, hug Mommy/Daddy goodbye." To which we hugged when it was our turn. Abby hugged me long enough to be polite and headed inside. (She has been waiting for this day to come for a few months now, and she was ready to go.) I didn't understand why they weren't letting the parents come into the classroom until it was our turn. Abby skipped excitedly to where she needed to go, while I turned around to leave and started crying like a baby! My last child, my baby, is officially in school now. Part of me is so excited for her, because she is so ready to start. But, part of me knows that these kids are growing faster than I am ready for. And, another part of me is scared about what an empty house will sound like when all 3 kids are in school and I am here working. Abby and I have been together for 4 years, since I started working at home. We're buddies. She is my shopping partner, my lunch companion, the person who is always there. I know that she's ready to let go and start this exciting new chapter, and part of me is too. But, I will miss having her around all day.

Here's her big day:


Cindy said...

I want to cry along with you! I can't believe how big she looks. Kinsley is at the hotel with my parents, I will have to show her tomorrow when she gets home.

Stephanie said...

I can't believe she is in school! I can just hear her talking in her little adult voice, telling everyone her cute little stories. We miss you guys!

Krysti said...

Oh my gosh!!! Her hair is so long and she looks so big. I can't believe shes in kindergarten already. I miss you all so much and can't wait til next summer to come see you!!! :)