Monday, July 28, 2008

The First Day of School - 2008

The Girls on their first morning back to school - July 28, 2008

Well, I have made it through the morning of the first day of school 2008. The day that all 3 of my fabulous children go to school. I thought I would cry, and I did for about half a second, but it went away as I rushed (and I really mean rushed) from taking Alex and Abby to school to getting Alissa to the high school so she wouldn't be late. It's been a hectic morning!

Alex and Abby have to be at school by 7:45, and Alissa by 7:55. Abby's teacher opens the door for the kids to come in at exactly 7:45. So, by the time Jon and I get her settled and get back to the car where Alissa is waiting, it's 7:51. Alissa is panicking - "I'm going to be late, Mom!!"

She got there exactly at 7:55. Hopefully the 1st period teacher showed some mercy because it's the first day and the kids are new to the school and there is inherent chaos that goes along with that. Obviously we'll have to figure out a better plan to get everyone to school on time starting tomorrow!
So I'm sitting here at my desk, in a quiet house. We've done this before, when Abby was in preschool and Alissa and Alex were in school in TN. But, somehow it's different now. Kindergarten is a whole other world, and Abby has been counting down the days for months now. And the quiet here is different - knowing she is gone for the whole day. I know, I know - time for her to grow up. I can't help it - she's still my "baby" in many ways. We still cuddle on Saturday mornings and she still is so excited to see me all the time. I am missing her! She'd heard me talking to my friend about missing her while she's at school, so I made sure to tell her not to worry about Mom. (She can be a worrier, just like me, only not so bad.) Jon assures me that she will be fine, and I know he's right. (When I worry, he is always the voice of reason and he is almost always right. I don't know how he stays so calm all the time.)

Thought I would share some pics of the girls from this morning before things started to get crazy!

Have a great day all. Say a prayer that the girls have a great day and that Mom makes it through the day full of slience....
Love, Tiffany

Abby getting ready for school...

Alex posing for the camera...

Alissa doesn't want to go...She's not used to being up this early...

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Cindy said...

why does seeing all your furniture in that house make me sad LOL.. Seriously, I am still seieng it in your old house.