Monday, October 13, 2008

Still here but been away from the blog...

We're still around, haven't been able to blog much in the last week or so. I've been covering my teammate's accounts while he's out of the office (on a Hawaiian cruise!) and have put in a lot of extra hours "at work".

Not a lot of new items to report, although we did host our first dinner party at the new house this weekend. (When I say dinner party, I mean hamburgers and salads and everyone in shorts and tank tops.) It was such a nice evening! I love, love, love having people here. Not that I don't love my own kids and husband, but there is something about opening your home to friends and laughing and having a good time.

One thing I was really worried about when we found out we were moving down the street was that we would lose our close contact with our neighbors, Jay & Lucie and Graham & Nicole. Boy, was I wrong. We probably actually see them more now than we did before. (And I am very glad about that!) When you are "overseas", like the Army considers us, the people you meet on your journey - your friends and neighbors - really become your "family". And they have. These people mean everything to us. And, we've been blessed to have new families move in too, joining us in this Hawaiian adventure.

So, Saturday the girls and I were really excited to have folks over. (Jon is away right now.) We had such fun - the dads and the boys hung out in the living room with Alex and Abby, and the moms and Alissa hung out around the kitchen table. It was good to laugh like that. There is something about laughing so hard that your stomach hurts. Nicole is a great storyteller! The people we've met here have truly changed what our Hawaii experience has become, and what it will continue to bring us.

On another note, the "old" house went to auction last Friday. We saw the old owners come by a few days before (they didn't see us, it was dark and we were sitting in Jay's driveway hanging out). They went in, turned on all the lights one by one, then turned them off, came out, and left. It was weird. I think they were taking one last look - either for sentimentality, or to see if they could take anything from the house before it goes back to the bank.

So far no one has moved in, so it sits empty. When I go to the park to walk the track, there is a section of track that forces you to look the direction of that house. So, every time I walk one lap on the track - fifteen times a day (or more if you count driving by in the car) - I look at that house. It forces me to think about it, and feel the emotions that go with it. My mom kept saying that she was waiting for me to get mad about the whole situation. I don't think I ever did - I went through sadness, numbness, and then just moved on.

We're fully moved into the new place, and it has become "home", at least for the next couple of years. After that, who knows...

Happy Monday everyone!

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RangersGirl said...

That whole situation with the house is strange, but in today's economy, not unusual. Thank goodness you guys weren't evicted by surprise. They had a bunch of stuff about that happening in Chicago.

So sad.