Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Have you seen The Office?

Yes, I am a little behind the curve. This TV show came out over 3 years ago. (Currently they're airing season 5 on NBC, Thursdays, 8:30 CST.) A friend here in Hawaii loaned me the DVDs from seasons 1-4 because she couldn't believe I hadn't seen them. I was so sucked in that I watched them all over the course of a week. (Yes, I don't think much else got done that week...)

This show is super funny. The premise is a small branch of a paper-company in Pennsylvania and the antics that go on there during (and after) business hours. These folks work in cubicles and answer phones and work on their computers, but with comedy. To me it is extra funny because, until 2005 when I started working from home, I had been a cubicle rat many, many times before. Some of the things they do - office pranks, team-building exercises, "ethics" training, birthday parties - are especially funny because they are so true to life. Everyone who works in cubicle-land knows there's one of these in every office: the know-it-all, the tattletale/boss's pet, the prankster, the cute guy, and the flirt. I know that the last job I had before I started working at home was the best job I'd ever had until that point, because we had all of these people in our office. The comedy on the show can be much more exaggerated, though (no one would really have chilled someone else's stapler in Jell-o, or filled their phone handset with nickels, or moved their desk into the men's room), but it is the thought that it could happen that is so funny.

I am going to ask Santa for these DVDs for Christmas because, even though I am caught up on all the episodes, I want to watch them over and over again. Even if you have never worked in a cubicle (or any office, for that matter), you can appreciate some of the things that happen on this show.

It has become my new favorite TV program. (Well, at least until LOST comes back in January. ..)


Krysti said...

Don't sweat it! I've worked in an office all my working life... I didn't even know we had a tv show about us....

Too funny! A bunch of people at the office used to like the show West Wing (that was us....) :)

Keep Laughing! Love, Jackie

RangersGirl said...

I haven't watched the show - - however Office Space, the movie sure was a lot like work.