Thursday, January 8, 2009

My electricity bill starts with a '3'!!

No, unfortunately it isn't $3x.xx. It's more like $36x.xx.

But, for Hawaii, and for a family in Hawaii who has a Dad in love with the air conditioning system, three hundred and sixty-some dollars is something to be really, really happy about.

This is the lowest electric bill we've had here since we moved to Hawaii. At one point, in the other house, the bill got up to almost $800. For ONE month!

Energy and resources are very expensive here in O'ahu, and even more so on the other Hawaiian islands. I know what you're thinking - "Duh. Of course. They are islands in the middle of the Pacific Ocean!" And, of course I know that. But, you don't think of those things when you find out that you will be living in Hawaii. The first things that come to mind are beaches, sun, bathingsuits, paradise...not electric bills and gas prices.

Pretty much everything is more expensive here. And I know that some of it is justified and understood. (Thank goodness that we get a cost-of-living allowance to cover these extra costs....) But, it hurts my heart to see a seven hundred dollar electric bill in my inbox.

Of course, since that outrageous bill, we have moved down the street and our electric bills have steadily gone down. And Jon has even compromised some about the air conditioner settings. But, the bill has never gone down into the three-hundreds.

So, to those of you in chilly states right now, turning up your thermostats, and worrying about what your energy bills will look like, take comfort in knowing that my energy bill will almost ALWAYS be higher than yours. :-)


RangersGirl said...

OMG! I think I'd have thrown up getting an $800 electric bill.

I am not an AC person anyways. Would rather have the windows open - - unless its over 90 and humid - - or Ranger has started hanging out in the bathtub to stay cool.

So what are you going to do with the extra $500 you didn't spend on AC this month?

Krysti said...

Good gracious! Paradise has some real kicks in the behind! A $360 is a celebration! The kids would love to play in the water sprinkler and hose dad down for his upcoming birthday! :) Only his sister could say you guys! Just think of how big my eyes would get if that bill arrived in our should be laughing by now! :)