Wednesday, January 21, 2009

LOST is back tonight!

LOST is back on the air tonight! After an almost 9 month long hiatus, it's back. If you're a fan, you understand my elation. This show is crazy, confusing, twisting, and insane, and I love every minute of it.

OK, I wasn't a fan from the start. Jon and I started watching the show in 2004 when we moved to Clarksville. Then, he was abruptly sent to Iraq, and I sort of lost interest. There was too much to worry about while he was gone. For a year, I copied the episodes to DVD for him, but I didn't watch. It just wasn't high on my list.

Then, in 2007 I got interested again, in the latter part of season 3. Why? Probably because there wasn't much else to watch on TV at that time. TV has become full of reality-show crap. Idiots who go on shows and make fools of themselves: trying to find a bride in 6-weeks, vying for the attention of an 80's rock star, strangers living in a house and making crazy decisions. Yuck!

So, we tuned back into LOST for season 4. Boy was I hooked!

The show is that much more attractive to me because it films here on Oahu. It is commonplace to see a scene on the show and say, "HEY! I've been there!!"

  • We ate at the Chili's where Locke met his mother in Season 1.
  • We shop every month at the Costco that doubles as Locke's "Toy Warehouse" place of employment.
  • While at her day job, my neighbor and her co-workers stood on the street outside their office building and watched Matthew Fox and Evangeline Lilly film a car scene in Downtown Honolulu. (That scene will appear in one of the first 4 episodes of this new season.)
  • Jon saw the blue Dharma VW vans (complete with Dharma logo) on the freeway just last week, heading toward our side of the island!
  • And, the season 4 finale (press conference with the Oceanic 6) filmed literally down the street from here, at Barber's Point NAS.
I even met Daniel Dae-Kim at the Honolulu airport last May (see original post here).

I guess it's the closest that I will ever come to meeting a movie star, or being on a Hollywood film set, so it is ultra-exciting. My sister thinks I should take the LOST set tour or scout the island for filming locations and hidden glimpses. I personally am just fascinated with the stars being on the same island as me. Anything else - meeting them, seeing props driving down the freeway - is just a bonus.

So, we've planned out the evening - quick, easy dinner with little cleanup. Early baths and night time chores. I will be parked in front of the TV promptly at 7:00 HST, prepared to sit still, content, and in an utter state of bliss for 3 hours.

I prefer not to call it an "obsession"; besides jogging, it is one of the few true enjoyments that Tiffany has for Tiffany. :-)

So, in the words of Andy Bernard from"The Office", (another fave), I'm preparing to "...get my LOST on."

See you there!

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LaurieG said...

Ok first of all how do you not love Bret Michaels and Rock of Love?

Second yes you are a very lucky girl to get to be on that island. I am soooo freaking jealous.

Third, one day you will be a LOST stalker and that will the first day I arrive to visit you. (and every day thereafter)

Last but not least, I am smack in the middle of the premiere! Many hours before you, nanananananan!

Just kidding. I am so glad you love the show as mush as I do!