Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Jorge Garcia is the nicest celebrity on the planet!

When Alissa got elected Class President for next year, I wrote a short letter to Jorge Garcia ("Hurley" from LOST). I explained that we lived on O'ahu and that my daughter really liked LOST and his work on the show, and that she had just been elected Class President. I asked him, as a favor, to send her an autographed picture.

If you get a chance, read Jorge's blog here. He seems like a truly awesome human being!
Anyway, today as we were leaving to go to the store, I remembered to get the mail from the mailbox. (Some days it sits in there until well after dark, and I remember that I forgot to go get it.) There was an envelope in there for Alissa, which contained:

It says "To Alissa - Congratulations Class President! All my best, Jorge Garcia."

He didn't send her a stamped picture, or a generic "Jorge Garcia". He let her know that he'd taken the time to read my letter and that he cared about her as a fan.

We both cried like babies in the car, at the incredible effect this piece of paper had on us.

Thank you, Jorge!!

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