Sunday, August 2, 2009

The Shower Gift

Well, now that my sister's shower is over, I can post the pictures of the gift that I sent.

It's a crib quilt. That I made. My very first quilt!
Front of quilt

Quilt folded so you can see the front and back at the same time

back of quilt - you can see the quilting lines on the back if you
look closely...

I am super proud of this quilt. It isn't without it flaws, but it was so super cute when it was finished.

My sister is doing the baby's room in camouflage, and her hubby is in the Army National Guard (National Guard? Reserves? I always get them confused.) I don't know if the camouflage actually matches the nursery. I hope it does!

I wanted her to have something personal from me. And a blanket is something that seemed appropriate. I cried when it was finished, because it looked nice and the idea of it just felt right.

And it sort of got me started with the quilting bug. I've already started a second one. Maybe I'll eventually be able to work my way up to grown-up size quilts. :-)

I'll continue to post more pictures as my new hobby flourishes...

Happy Sunday!


Cindy said...

I did not see this, but it looks great :-) Reading your post about not being near family made me cry. That was the WORST part about being in Hawaii :-( That is why I told you I have no desire to go back. It was horrible. Calling home on Holiday's, being in Hawaii while everyone was together but us. LIstening to all the fun. Sucks. I can't wait for you to be back on the mainland :-) Those reasons are selfish of me though LOL.

Tiffany said...

I know, it is the hardest part for me too. Especially with the new baby being born. I didn't even feel this disconnected when we lived in Germany. I guess I got spoiled living in Tennessee where we could drive to Ohio whenever we wanted or needed. I do like Hawaii, there's a lot to like, but I will be ready to PCS when it's time (hopefully in 9 months or so...)