Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Laurie's birthday and LOST is back!

My favorite show.

Of all time.

Yes, I am a LOST geek. It is a truly fascinating show. I don't get into all the weird conspiracies, I don't over-analyze, but over the summer I did read a few theories here and there. I got geared up for this new season. And Alissa and I watched seasons 1-5 to get prepared. (I'd seen them all already, but Alissa started with season 4 so she needed to go back and watch from the beginning...)

I am so excited for it to start back tonight. And the fact that it's filmed here, sometimes just down the street, is super cool. Everytime I see the Others' Barracks, I think of Camp Erdman and how cool it is to be standing in the Others' Village, looking at those buildings, seeing them in person. And Kawela Bay, a beautiful secluded beach that we got to enjoy with both Jon's sister and mine, is the place where Juliet and Goodwin swam and drank wine and decided not to hide their relationship any longer...

OK, OK, I've rambled. I can't help it. Love, love, love this show.

And, today is my sister Laurie's birthday! I miss her so much, and I wish her the happiest birthday she's ever had. It's her first birthday as a mom, and she gets to watch LOST tonight, so those two things should help make her day a little brighter.

Love you, Laurie, and hope to be a little closer to the celebration next year! Have an amazing day!


Andrea said...

Randomly reading:
Happy Birthday to your sister.
I have never watched Lost. Someday I will borrow the dvd's from someone to watch it.

Krysti said...

Krysti is hooked...she had her dad tape it last night because she was busy...

Happy B-day Laurie!

Kawela Bay is awesome! Got to love those little crabs! :) and the Dad's making the girls dance! :) Lots of Laughs! :)

Love, Jon's Sister

Sunshine and Pigtails said...

I LOVE the show lost!!! I thought the the premiere of season 6 was great!!!