Monday, February 11, 2008

Making Progress (slowly)...

Ok, we made it through the weekend. We spent most of the weekend unpacking. I took another picture of the living room so you can witness the progress:

To the untrained eye, it may still look a bit messy. But, when you have 17,000 pounds of "stuff" to unpack, reorganize, move from room to room, and then argue about where to put it, it takes a longer time than one would expect. This is actually the fastest that we have ever unpacked, and we're only about 3/4 done, as you can tell. I attribute some of that to the fact that Alissa and Alex are older and unpacked a lot of their own stuff. And, when they weren't helping, they were paying attention to Abby (which took a huge load off of Jon and me.)

The other part I attribute to Jon and me. We just decided that we didn't want to let the boxes sit around like we did in Tennessee. It took us a LOT longer to unpack there, and in Ohio. I think we lived without our stuff so long here that we were just so darn glad to see it. That made unpacking less of a chore.

Plus, we bought ceiling fans for the living/dining area and the 4 bedrooms, and Jon put up 2 of them over the weekend. (With the high cost of energy here, it will help keep our electric bill in check.) He did a great job! (I mostly just handed him tools and picked up the trash after him...) You can see one of them in the picture above.

So, more unpacking to do, but we've made great progress. And, the convertible gets fixed later today. It's sunny here and everyone is healthy and happy. And, living in Hawaii is less scary and more adventurous now. We're getting used to it. We've met some great neighbors, and went to a fantastic neighborhood cookout. So, life is good. We are blessed.

This weekend will bring a trip to Bellows Beach, on east O'ahu. According to my hilarious and very kind Canadian neighbor, it is "...the most beautiful beach on O'ahu." It is supposed to be a must-see. We'll bring along the meat tenderizer to combat any man-of-war stings. (Alex has been researching dangerous sea life, and she found out a lot about these man-of-war.) We're told there are some at Bellows, and they are very small baby ones. The sting isn't dangerous per se, but painful without meat tenderizer!!

We'll keep you posted on the beach, and hopefully have some more great pics. Have a great Valentine's week!


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carrol said...

Yes, you are making great progress. Can't wait to see it in person. Glad to hear things are going better with the neighbors. Did you get to the beach with the meat tenderizer? That sounds strange, like you are going to cook your arm or leg or b--- before getting a bite. hahaha