Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Our stuff arrived yesterday...

So, the movers called us at 5:00 pm on Monday and say, "Your shipment is here. When do you want it?" Jon says, jokingly, "Can we have it tomorrow (Feb 5)?" They say, "Sure, we'll be there at 8:00 am."
The moving team was here at 7:55, ready to go. By 1:00 pm, all our stuff was in the house. Yes, it's a mess. See below for before and after pictures of the living room.

"Before" - Taken Feb 4th

"After" - taken Feb 6th

But actually, we're making big progress - the picture may not look like it to most, but I can tell. (I suppose after 6 moves you figure out a system of unpacking that you can stick with.) The kitchen is almost fully unpacked and put away. Everyone's beds are put together, even Alex's (and if you've seen her bed you know it is a project in itself just to get that bed assembled.)

We'll get there. Actually, we may be mostly unpacked by Monday. (Since the Pro Bowl plays here on Sunday, we won't dare leave the house for fear of being trapped on the freeway!) Now that Alissa and Alex are older, they have been unpacking their own rooms.
So after work, gotta get back to the unpacking. Anyone want to come and help?


Krysti said...

I'll come help!!!!! lol

Krysti said...

im teaching grandma and mom how to use this!!! lol

Krysti said...

Okay. So, Krysti had to show Mom and I how to put a comment down... it made for good friday night laughter!

So, glad the stuff and the unpacking fun has arrived.

Mom's b-day card from you guys was very cute! We went to lunch yesterday. She said my brother had called and left a birthday message.

Please send heat! :) It's cold here today. A wonderful 10 degrees with wind.

Love you guys! Jackie