Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Abby's first homework assignment!

OK, I am a proud parent. Abby is such a great kindergarten student. Alissa and Alex weren't this excited. And, she is writing words much sooner in the year than Alissa and Alex did. So, the schools in Hawaii are not supposed to be as great as other parts of the USA. But, Abby's class is off to a great start. Just look at her work ethic! And, she can already spell Abigail! (We taught her how to write "Abby" about a year or so ago.) When I met her teacher at orientation, she told me that she wanted all the students to know how to write their formal first names, since that's what is on their school records. I didn't give Abby enough credit - already she can write it, with all the letters in the correct order, without any help!

Look at my baby's great work:

I don't know if anyone is more excited about kindergarten than Abby is...

Her first homework assignment.
It's a picture from a story we read,
"Elmer Again", about an elephant
who is many colors and lives near the water.


RangersGirl said...

Way to Go Abby! Yay!

That is so cute.

Tiaras & Tantrums said...

FABULOUS - and a leftie - both my girls are lefties!
Lefties are brainy!! And Artsy!!

Cindy said...

I found the school in Hawaii advancing faster then the ones in TN. Kim was reading by December in K. I really don't know why people think they are so bad??

We miss you!