Thursday, September 11, 2008

Happy Birthday Krysti!

On this day, 16 years ago, a wonderful child was born. Christine Marie Dubler. She is a gift from God, a girl who is kind and loving and has an infectious laugh!

She is sweet 16 today. I can't believe how fast you've grown!

The world is your oyster. Embrace your birthday today and make it the best yet!

We love you and miss you, wish we could be there to hug you in person.

Have a wonderful, fantastic day!

Love you!


Cindy said...

hey, I hope you all got moved ok. I have huge, news when you get a chane and are done unpacking.

Krysti said...

HI!!! Thanks so much!! I love you all and miss you all 2!! It was a great day! It couldn't have been better! I get my liscense on Wednesday September 17th!!! And I'm SOOO excited!! The truck and I are getting along much better now that we have had more time together. LOL Grammy and Grammpy got me John Deere floor mats for my birthday and mom got me a guardian angel to put on the dashboard!!

Love you all so much!!