Thursday, September 4, 2008

Maybe some good news, but I am still worried...

Thanks to those of you who have contacted us with words of wisdom, or the promise of a prayer. I know that things could be much worse (after all, I am not personally involved in the foreclosure, and I don't own this house - all I have to do is move, albeit against my will and without much notice.) I know that in the grand scheme of things, this is probably not the end of the world. But, it sucks while we're living it. We weren't planning to move, and we don't necessarily want to move. But, it is what it is. And:

Looks like we can move into the new house on September 13. We signed a new lease last night. I am working to get everything switched over (address changes, cable, phone, etc.), and REMAX has promised me that they will do the walk-through of this house on 9/13 or 14 and bring me my deposit check (so that I can give that deposit to the new landlord.) They are trying to be helpful, I guess. But, I still hate the situation.

My awesome neighbor Jay already has the troops rallied to help us move, and he has a plan in place to get it all done over that weekend. So, maybe the nightmare is almost resolved.

But, as many of you know, I am a constant worrier. I worry about absolutely everything - even things that are not important enough to even justify a worry! Jon is always the voice of calm, the voice of "everything will be fine in the end". He is almost always right. I, however, make up things to worry about. OK, well, most of the things I worry about are legitimate, but not necessarily stuff that everyone else worries about. For example: "Where will we be living in 5 years?", "What kind of house will we move to when we retire and settle down?" Those things are years down the road, yet they are things that I am always thinking about. Jon says that it is too early to worry about those things. But, I have just always been that way. My mind is always racing, thinking about things and trying to process it all. It seems like I can never just relax and go with the flow. I am just always waiting for the other shoe to drop. It's like I have let myself believe that this bad stuff is just destined to happen to me, so I might as well prepare for it.

It's not healthy, I know. And, it can make me ill. But, it is the way that God made me. I try to worry less, but I do not believe that it is in my DNA.

So, we're moving next weekend. Everything seems to be falling into place for it. But, your continued prayers are still very much welcomed. Yes, it could be worse. But, until we are settled and out of this house and away from this drama and REMAX has given us everything that is due to us, I will not be able to rest easy.

If you could just continue to ask God to help me get out of this situation and move on with as little pain and red tape and drama as possible, we would really appreciate it.

Thanks everyone!


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RangersGirl said...

I'm a worrier too. I know where you are coming from.

What a blessing that your neighbor is going to help you move!