Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Can things get worse?

Say a prayer for me, please. I can't write it all down now, because I have made myself almost sick from it.

Basically, we have to move. We're not leaving Hawaii, in fact we aren't even leaving the street (at least we're trying not to). But, the house we live in now has gone into foreclosure. Apparently the morons who own it have been using the rent money to pay the mortgage on the house that they live in, in order to save their own house. So, this house is being auctioned off. October 10. Yep, that's right. 40 days from now. Luckily for us, I think we've found a place, right down the street, that we can move to before the month is out, and get out of this nightmare that is neither our fault or in our control. However, we've been sucked into it.

The new house is a little smaller, with a smaller yard, but there's a 5th bedroom. We got a chance to see it over the weekend and measure, and all of our stuff will fit fine. I think it will work out OK, but after the crappy time we've had in Hawaii so far, I can use all the good karma that I can get. I wish that we could just move. Leave this stupid island. I hate it here.

Maybe after September, when we're moved and we can forget that this happened, things will get better. But for now, I hate it here. Hawaii is sunny and warm and the ocean is all around, but other than that it has not been nice to us. It's a weird place with weird "rules" and crazy drivers, and no Target, and outrageous house prices. The lien on our home (the foreclosed one) is over $800k. (And the owners have owned it since 2005.) I always feel alone here, because I am white and I work at home so I never see anyone. And, the Army couldn't care less about us. We're just another military family, and since Jon isn't overseas, who cares? They don't. If your soldier is home, then everything must be fine with you. You have a problem? Too bad. You should live on post, in the 75 year old houses, and send your kids to the roughest, crappiest schools on the island. Then the Army will care about you.

If you would please, say a prayer that this current nightmare is over soon. I have always heard that God doesn't give you more than you can handle, but right now I feel that I can't take any more. Please just say a prayer that the new house works out, and soon, and that we can escape this house and the drama attached with it, and we can just get back to our life (and out of this ridiculousness.)




Cindy said...

of course I will pray. I got my hopes up that you were moving from Hawaii though LOL. I was hoping back here. I am sorry you have to moved down the street, that sucks.

Tiaras & Tantrums said...

stay strong girlie!

RangersGirl said...

Holy crap! Geez! Interestingly, NPR had a report about how the Mortgage crisis was effecting renters. Actually, one of my co-workers has had to move twice because the houses his family was renting were forclosed on.

So, what you are saying is Hawaii is nice to visit but none of us should want to live there?

I'm praying for you.