Wednesday, November 12, 2008

The End of the Road...

Jon and I have been trying to resurrect "Date Night". Anyone with kids knows that you need to try to carve out couple time whenever you can. (Don't worry, this is a G-rated blog...) Since Alissa is old enough to babysit and Red Cross certified, we have a great resource when we need someone to watch Alex and Abby so we can have "Date Night".

So, this past Saturday, we got our Harley Davidson gear out of the garage, boarded the bike and off we went. We just rode. One of the great things about O'ahu is that there are so many roads that are scenic and beautiful, and there is no pastime that pleases Jon more than riding the motorcycle.

After about 80 miles of driving, we stopped to have dinner at a great Mexican cantina on the North Shore. Then, we went to the "end of the road".

Literally. The road just...stops.

There are boulders stacked up to let folks know that you can't go any further. Actually, you can hoof it for another 3 miles to the site of a beautiful and mystical ancient Hawaiian legend involving souls and sacrifice. (We opted not to make the trek on this particular night since we had only the moonlight to guide us.)

So, we parked the bike, took off our gear, and walked approximately 50 steps to the beach. There was truly no one around but the 2 of us, a couple of night fisherman down the beach, and the moon. We took our blanket, laid it on the beach, and sat there for about 20 miutes, listening to the ocean and looking at the amazing night sky, full of bright stars. There was no city light to blind us, no car engines blocking the ocean's beautiful melody.

It was an amazing date.


Cindy said...

that sounds great, I am jealous. When we were in Hawaii we never had a sitter, so Jim and I got no alone time.

RangersGirl said...

I second Cindy, sounds like a great date. I haven't even been asked out to coffee since last March.

Here is to many more date nights for you!