Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Alissa is 15 today!

Happy 15th birthday today to my oldest daughter, Alissa. Fifteen years have flown by.

Fifteen years ago, I remember being a young, scared new mom, with a beautiful new baby and a husband about to move halfway around the world. I remember praying that I would do a good job and wondering if I had what it took to be a good mom, especially so young.

You and I were inseparable for the first 3 years of your life. Dad was gone a lot and it was just you and me. I loved those days. I mean, they were tough. You hated to sleep!

I am so proud of the young lady you are becoming. You are confident, happy, caring, funny, smart and beautiful. You are a great student, a great leader, and a good role model to your 2 younger sisters, who watch your every move and wish they could be a teenager like you.

Your life is full of challenges right now. High school in itself is challenging. Add to that your Class President role, your military brat lifestyle, and our plan to move again this summer (and sending you to your 8th school by the time you reach 11th grade.) You handle life like a champ - taking every challenge, every situation, and you make it yours. There is nothing you can't do!

As you grow, and need Mom less and less on a daily basis, please know that I am always here in the background of your life. Always available to you, always loving you and being there for you.

You (and your sisters) are the greatest joy in my life. My firstborn child, you changed me when you joined my life. You made me something I never thought I would be. Something wonderful.

Your mom. A role I am honored to have.

We have complimented each other over the years. And today I am profoundly proud and blessed to wish you a Blissful 15th Birthday. If you see me cry off and on today, it is not from sadness.

It is because I love you so much. And I guess I never realized how beautiful your life could be. You are blessed, and it fills my heart.

I love you more than I could ever put into words. But you know that.

Have an amazing birthday today!


Krysti said...

Happy Birthday Miss Alissa!

I could hardly wait to see what joys your mom wrote about today! :)

We love you! We are very proud of you, too! Have a great day! Enjoy the seafood tonight! :)

Love, Aunt J & Uncle J and C & A

Carrol said...

Happy Birthday Alissa! Congratulations Mom Tiffany!
You too are beautiful and strong and a great role model for your daughters!
Lots of love to both of you!
Grandma C and Grandpa J
aka: Carrol and Jim

RangersGirl said...

Happy belated birthday! I remember holding her when she was just a month old at my wedding reception and how funny we all thought that picture was. I have that photo some where. She was so little! I can't beleive she's 15 already either!