Monday, September 21, 2009

I got 5K yesterday....

Ok, that's a little deceptive. But I liked the title.

Alissa and I ran a 5K race in downtown Honolulu yesterday. It was the Nike 5K for Kids race. Almost all of Alissa's 10th grade PE peers attended, because they get school credit for it, and the proceeds of their entrance fee went directly back to their school.

Since Alissa had so many friends there, we separated at the very beginning of the race. She preferred to walk it with her friends, and I set out to jog as long as I could.

I crossed the finish line at 7:48, 48 minutes after I started.

It was a grand day, for many reasons:
  1. A race by the ocean, how cool is that?
  2. I ran 3.1 miles in 48 minutes. I was thrilled with the time. Yes, I have room for improvement. But I did it.
  3. I ran about 75% of the race, slowing to a walk for just a couple of short distances.
  4. It was a beautiful day.
  5. I RAN A 5K race!
Those who know me know that I don't exactly have a runner's body. I am a little top-heavy, which has always precluded me from ever even trying to run. But about a year ago I started jogging, little by little. And I have continued it for almost a year now.

Jon has run in many races here in Hawaii. He is an avid runner and loves the feel of being in a race. I planned to run in one, but have always chickened out at the last minute.

Yesterday was an accomplishment for me. Who ever thought I would run in an organized event, ever??

It felt great. But today my thighs burn as I walk down the stairs. I guess maybe I should have started running earlier in life.

Yesterday makes me want to run again, and even more seriously this time. I will look for another short race or 2, to prepare me for the Great Aloha Run in February. That one I am definitely enrolling in.

It was a fantastic day. I'm proud of both of us.

Happy Monday!!


Krysti said...

Nice Job! You go girl! Wish I could keep up!


Carrol said...

Way to go!
I don't run, but I get some walking in trying to keep up with where to stand to watch the cross country meets.
Hope we get to see you run in February.
Hugs and kisses to all!
Love, Carrol
aka: Grandma C

RangersGirl said...

Congratulations Tiffany! What an awesome accomplishment! You can kick my butt in a race.

Linda said...

Congrats, Tiffany. We are proud of you, but the most important thing is how proud you are of yourself. YOU ROCK.