Wednesday, September 2, 2009


He is 11 days old today. This picture is a couple of days old, but you can see how sweet he is. What a blessing, a new life in the family.

I remember once, several years (and grandchildren) ago, my dad made a statement that he wanted to have 10 grandchildren. I don't know if he remembers saying this, and he'd probably deny it, but that statement stuck with me for some reason. There might have been 6 grandchildren in the family then...I can't remember, but I'm fairly certain it was before Abby was born, so that would have been sometime before 2003. Ten seemed like a large number back then, because I certainly wasn't planning to have any more kids. (Thankfully God disagreed with me...)

Anway, Brady makes #10 of the Diamond grandchildren. And he is such a welcome addition to the clan. I am overjoyed that my sister has a son. (And I can't wait to meet him!)



Krysti said...

Babies are a precious blessing from God! Cherish and enjoy the moments, each one is special in its own way.

:) Jon's Sister

LaurieG said...

I clearly remember dad saying that too and I thought he would be stuck with 9 forever. Good thing I stuck it out! LOL! Great picture. There are more in the mail for you soon!


RangersGirl said...

WOW! He is such a cutie. He looks a lot like your girls did when they were babies.