Monday, April 5, 2010

Gotta get off my butt today and back out jogging...

It's been 2 weeks. In my defense, the kids and I have been riding bikes in the neighborhood.

I know, it's a weak defense.

I'm going out to jog today if I have to kick and scream the whole way. I need it. The last couple of weeks have been busy, and the younger 2 kids are home on break from school. As much as I love them, there is no alone time for me. And I admit, I am used to being alone, in the quiet. I miss it. Plus, my idiot dive boots tore holes in the back of my heels. They hurt like the dickens. I mean, I think I lost 5 or 6 layers of skin. At least a 1/4 inch deep hole, the diameter of a fingernail.

I guess I convinced myself that running shoes would not be a good idea with those wounds healing. (And I ride my bike with flip flops, even though that's dangerous and stupid...) I don't know how my feet will react when we move and I have to wear actual shoes with heels and closed toes...

So, I'm going to jog as soon as Alissa texts me that she's done at school and needs a ride. Dinner's cooking in the crock pot (chicken soup - thanks Christy for the recipe!) and the house is as clean as it's gonna get for today. Since I started work at 4:20 this morning (long story), I am done with that for today, too.

So, my sports bra is on. That's the first half of the battle. Once I put that bra on, it's like I feel guilty if I don't actually do anything that requires a sports bra. (Weird, I know. But it's how I do.)

Well, we may know where we're moving. I won't say here, because that's not something I am supposed to do. You know, I have to maintain OPSEC (Operational Security - Army-speak). Most of you know, and if you read my Facebook (or Jon's) then you already know where the Army wants to send us. If you don't, and you want to know, you can email me. Sooner or later it will be old news. But, we don't have anything in writing so basically it could change at a moment's notice. (Who am I kidding, it could still change even with orders.)

And work. I'm still there until May 31. I don't see it getting extended. But, I am OK with that. I find more and more as the days pass that I am not happy at this job. I am sick of being on-call for stupid things, and the only really good thing is that I work at home. But, that's just more opportunity for work to intervene on my family time. And more opportunity for them to call me to work at any hour, any day, for dumb reasons. (Reasons like: there's literally no one else who can do it but me.) Even when I can manage to line up one day for someone to cover for me, for 4 hours so I can take a diving class, I still get calls because that person doesn't know what to do and the calls keep coming. I feel sad for June 1 only because they will really suffer when I'm gone. I mean, I am not the "Employee of the Year", but I give my all, and I am always here. Some things are gonna be sacrificed when I'm not there to give extra attention. Oh well. Not my cross to bear. I will do my best for the next 7 weeks and then that's it. Life will move on and so will I. I have a feeling that good things are coming...

The kids are good. Jon's good. I am good. Life is great. And we're happy, healthy, and have amazing friends here (that will be difficult to leave). The sun is shining for the first time in days, and I think I just got a text from Alissa...

Happy Monday all.


Cindy said...

so proud of you. And so inspired.

Krysti said...

Great job Girl!

We are so excited that you are all doing well and are making many great memories while still in the island of sunshine and surf!

We will be glad when we can drive to see you on the Mainland too!

Love, Your Sister-in-law