Friday, March 5, 2010

100th Post!!

I've made it to 100 posts. I know there are blogs out there that are updated everyday with witty, insightful information. Blogs that inspire you, or educate you, or suprise you.

Mine isn't one of them. (Well, I don't think it is...)

It started out as a way for family and friends on the Mainland to stay in touch, to see pictures of the family and our adventures. and to feel like we were together even though they're thousands of miles away.

It became much more than that, to me. It's been a way to chronicle pieces of my life. To work out feelings. To get past tough spots, and to document the unbelievable (great) ones.

I only have a few followers, but they provide me guidance, encouragement, and confidence.

We're leaving Hawaii soon (well, in the next few months), but I'm planning to continue the blog. Maybe even make it better.

Thanks for sticking with me. For sharing the good times, and the bad ones. And for being out there. Here's to 100 (or 200) more posts!



Carrol said...

I'm glad you will keep it going. I enjoy it very much.

AliciaQ said...


I just wanted to send you a congrats on your 100th post! That's awesome! I just started my blog and I am already enjoying and looking forward to doing more on it. I enjoy reading your posts & I am also a military spouse and can relate to you in ways.

Alicia Q.

Krysti said...

I'm so glad you do this! I enjoy it and I am so glad to learn what is happening in your life a half-world away! :)

Even if I have to use my kids email to post a response! :) Because her's is simple to remember...mine is not....

LOVE YOU GUYS!! Jon's Sister