Tuesday, March 16, 2010

First night in the pool for scuba class tonight...

I started the Open Water Diver course yesterday. It's a 4-evening class - 2 nights of classwork and 2 nights in the pool - and then 4 dives over the weekend to get "certified".

Tonight is the first night in the pool. I am a bit nervous, I have to admit. My only other experience with scuba went badly.

You may remember the story. The short version is basically that I went on a boat dive with Jon, and I'd had no training, and I sorta wigged out. I didn't feel good about the equipment and the breathing underwater, and I definitely didn't want my mask to flood with water or to take the breathing regulator out of my mouth. (Both of those tasks were required before you could actually start the dive.)

Since that time, I have snorkeled quite a bit, and really fallen in love with it. I am more comfortable with having my head in the water for longer periods of time, and swimming on my own. But, there were a couple of times on Sunday (my most recent snorkeling experience) that I did surface to fix a snorkel issue or just get oriented. That's not as easy to do in scuba.

However, I still have that experience in the back of my mind and it makes me nervous. I am worried that I will get down in the water, have to perform a task and freak out. I hope that the time in the pool tonight will calm my fears, give me some confidence, and allow me to relax and enjoy this experience. I really want to like it. (and I really don't want to freak out.)

There's just that fear. Have I mentioned that I worry a lot?

So, if you're reading this before Tuesday night, send me some good vibes.

Happy Tuesday everyone!

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Krysti said...

You can do this! The girls were a bit nervous last summer also! :)

The fact that you will be in a pool with trained people all around you is a huge positive! Work toward your comfort level!

You are in good physical shape with good cardio and lung capacity. Just like Lamaz Class... calm breathing just like the scuba instructor has taught you how! :)

You will be swimming like Nemo & Dory in No time! :) Only you'll be with my brother! :) He speaks fish you know. :) He always has!

Love, J :) Sister-in-law